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Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

In 1979, ECFA was formed to help protect the integrity of ministries doing work for Christ. As one of ECFA's members, we feel it is extremely important to belong to such an organization.

Our membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability entitles us to display the ECFA seal on all of our literature. It says to friends like you that this ministry holds the highest standards of Christian ethics in financial accounting and reporting.

And because of ECFA's strategic location in Washington, DC, it helps present the concerns and interests of Christian organizations, like ours, to the government and to private ministries.

What does our membership in ECFA mean for those who support God's work here? It means one can feel confident in knowing that this organization...

  • Has a clear and strong commitment to evangelical Christianity
  • Maintains the highest standards of financial integrity
  • Follows strict guidelines and standards for fund raising
  • Believes in full financial disclosure
  • Has an independent board that oversees our activities
  • Submits financial records to an annual audit
  • When you see the ECFA member seal on our literature, you can be assured that your support is going to the work of the Lord.

Our membership in ECFA is an extension of our commitment to truth and integrity. We were founded on that Christian principle and God has honored that dedication.

The next time you see the ECFA member seal on our literature, let it remind you of our commitment before the Lord to financial integrity.

If you have questions about ECFA and what the seal means to you, please don't hesitate to call them toll free at 1-800-3BE-WISE. Their mailing address is ECFA, PO Box 17456, Washington, DC 20041.

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